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Experienced Mt Barker Conveyancer - Neville Lea has over forty years of conveyancing experience, providing specialised, knowledgeable service. Our passion and commitment to customer service has seen us become one of the leading and most experienced conveyancing firms in South Australia, With longevity that speaks for itself, Neville heads the team at one of Mt Barker's most experienced conveyancing firms.

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Conveyancing is what we do every day, and it’s why we can guide you every step of the way. Please feel free to come to our Adelaide office to discuss your conveyancing needs or queries. Located at 203 Pulteney Street, Adelaide. 

Convenient & Digital Conveyancing Mt Barker

 We‘re also digital with a human touch. This communication is preferred by some clients.  We can set up skype or zoom calls at any time that suits you!

What our Clients Say

I've used Dial a Conveyancer on at least 4 occasions when buying and selling in Mt Barker, over approximately a 14 year period.

Neville and his team are very experienced and provide exceptional service. For my first purchase, Neville took plenty of time to sit with me and go over important details relevant to my situation and what I was buying - I definitely went into the sale with my eyes opened thanks to Neville's advice. On a couple of occasions, Neville's team have assisted me in achieving settlement extremely fast - within 3-4 weeks.

I'm dealing with them right now on a purchase, and once again I've been delighted with the professional approach and how the settlement process has been made seamless and simple. And very, very fast.

Neville also helped me with a sale transaction once where he drew up the sale contract (I managed to sell without an agent) and provided conveyancing for me as seller as well as the buyer - seamless.

I've mentioned Neville's name to various real estate agents who have asked who my conveyancer is and most agents know who he is, and those who do know him express confidence in his abilities.

The best part about Neville's service is the price. It's absolutely reasonable - most banks and brokers will tell you to factor in around $600-$800 for conveyancing - last time I worked with Neville it was less than $400. That was a while ago - I'm not sure how much it is today.

Definitely recommend Neville Lea Dial a Conveyancer to anyone buying or selling real estate in Mt Barker. 
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Mt Barker E Conveyancing or Mt Barker Electronic Conveyancing 

Dial a Conveyancer settles transactions electronically through the online platform provided by Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA).
This is because it provides a single system to complete all your property transactions online; checking and verifying all information in the process. It’s also fully compliant with the tax and duty requirements of revenue offices. Everything that passes through the system is also recorded, with tight security to protect your information. Further, it can pick up any mistakes that the human eye may miss, which doubles the likelihood of a smooth transition. Overall, the transaction time is much quicker than the traditional method and the process is simple for all parties involved. Applications can be downloaded by both the buyer and seller to watch the development in real-time.

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